Friends And Family

Thank you Dark Horse for supplying the amazing you coffee to Rooted Kava.

A local company that supplies all of our high quality teas.

Another local company based in Oceanside, offering the best tapped kombucha in town!

  • Kava Vinaka

Rooted Kava Bars source for the best Fijian kava in the world!

A close friend of ours located in Northern California with incredible kava products!

  • Low Tide Kava Bar

Our East Coast friends, an amazing bar with excellent staff and ownership!

Rooted Kava Bar’s source for all media including professional videography!

Great staff and wonderful artists, check out Diana’s work all throughout the bar!

  • AcuPunk

Leda is an incredible massage therapist as well as acupuncturist! Check her out how Wednesdays at the bar doing $1 a minute massages!