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Black Widow


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50% Fijian Waka 50% Vanuatu Hand Picked Lateral

Best of Both Worlds. Our finest Fijian and Vanuatu kavas combine to give a curry note initially followed by a creamy smoke flavor. Leaving you with a white pepper spice. This afternoon and night time blend will give a special head and body kava experience.

Flavor Profile:

  • Curry
  • Creamy
  • Smokey
  • White pepper
  • Afternoon / night, head and body
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Black Widow is one of the strongest kava blends you will find in the world! The Widow is a blend of the best roots from Fiji and hand picked roots from Vanuatu ensuring only the best quality. When you first try this blend you will instantly notice how smooth and creamy she is with the recognizable bite of traditional kava. The onset is almost instantaneous and you will feel a rush of relaxation over your body, still with a sharp, focused mind. This is a Rooted Kava Bar exclusive and also a customer favorite.

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