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//Reserve Label

Reserve Label


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100% Lateral Vanuatu Lateral Roots

Exceptional Vanuatu blend. Relay with a leafy green beginning, A Dill/Sage body euphoria kava that rounds out with a green pepper on the back end. This is a wonderful evening kava worthy of the “Reserve Label” moniker.

Flavor Profile:

  • Leafy green
  • Dill / sage
  • Green pepper
  • Creamy
  • Night time, body heavy
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Our Reserve Label will be the strongest and heaviest pure Vanuatu kava we have to offer. A secret blend that delivers immediate effects and an intense mouth buzz. The moment this kava touches your lips you feel the numbness take hold and the calming of the body and mind that takes place. Rooted Kava Bar takes pride in its Reserve Label, and respect its potency and strength. Try this and never look back at another Vanuatu kava!

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